The houses are not in any order of liking - We just tried to write a little about what we liked about the house... I think in general - a little bit of rock, the shape and size of the pillars and large trim! 

House #1 ...This next house I like the use of rock on the pillars - and the different textures (shingles on the "dormers"?? vs the siding). It is a smaller house so maybe doesn't have the same big roof problem. Not sure what the beams inside the gables (??) are, but we really LOVE it


House #2... Below is a different house....  It does still have a "big roof", but Justin says he doesn't mind it... It is a little simpler than some of the others


House #3... The shape of this house doesn't really work with the floorplan we are liking... However  we do like the colour scheme... the blue with the big white trim - some rock etc.

We both like this door (big brown) and all the white trim etc. This one has square pillars and I think I liked the tapered ones better.

Again don't really like the shape of the house - but like the finish/colour scheme

house #4... Justin doesn't really like this colour scheme (looks washed out), However I like the shape of the pillars, the shape of the rock and the different textures... I like the windows around the front door in this one. I think Mike told us these pillars are tapered?

I like how in this one they have the rock all the way up to the roof in parts - but not others


House #5... This is a favourite of mine - Justin thinks it is ok... I like the little bit of rock, pillars etc. and think they do a good job of breaking up the big roof.