Our Past

Am.Can.Ch. Rosebell's Windwalker


(Am.Can.Ch.Dacher Braylane Bluechip TP x Ch. Rosebell's Inspiration TP)

"Wind" Born January 18, 1997


One of our special boys was Wind. He is in all of our current dogs' pedigrees. Super smart and always willing  to please you,  he was an easy dog to train and work with. Although Wind was  shown on a limited basis he accumulated quite a list of wins.  
Here are some of the highlights:

  • All-Breed Best Puppy in Show winner
  • Specialty Best Puppy In Show winner
  • All-Breed Best In Show winner
  • Multi Group 1st and Multi-Group Placer
  • BOW and BBE in Variety at the Poodle Club of America Regional Specialty in 1998 (5pts)
  • WD at the Lone Star Poodle Specialty (Regional weekend) in 1998 (5pts)
  • WD, BOW, and BOS at Fort Worth KC (Regional weekend) in 1998 (3pts)
  • BOV and Group placer in the US to finish his US Title
  • #4 Miniature Poodle In Canada in 1998
  • #5 Miniature Poodle In Canada in 1999
  • Best of Breed and BOS to BOB at the Poodle Club of Alberta Specialty 1999
  • #2 Miniature Poodle In Canada in 2000
  • Best of Breed at the Poodle Club of Canada Regional Specialty in 2000

Wind also started doing agility and flyball in 2000 which he enjoyed very much. He was a very loving dog who liked to jump up to give kisses and hugs. Addicted to fetching his frisbee, or tennis ball he would do it for what seemed like hours. He produced 11 champions, and an AKC MACH agility champion with many titles. Several of his of his kids, were puppy champions who were group placers, as well as an All-Breed Best Puppy In Show winner.

Wind's pictures:

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Ch. Rosebell's Infatuation TP

(Ch.Birchcourt's Forever Love TP x Ch. Birchcourt's Prairie Rosebell TP)

"Napoleon" Febuary 1995


Napoleon was a one and only! We tried several times to breed his dam Rosie to his sire Peter trying to get another Napoleon and his lovely sister Josephine, but never did. He got off to a flying start by winning an All-Breed Best Puppy in Show at his very first show, his first time in the ring. Then he finished his championship in the next 4 shows. To end his puppy career he won another All-Breed Best Puppy in Show.  The next year he started out as a puppy and ended it by being the #2 Miniature Poodle in Canada. This was being shown on a limited basis of in the ring a total of 12 times (in comparison the girl who was #1 was shown at least 50)! 

Napoleon was the funniest and sweetest boy. He of course loved to play with his toys and would always find a way to make you laugh. Always sweet and loved to be the center of attention, especially at dogshows! He would often lay on his back and try to bite his tail at the same time. His kids inherited his joyfullness and love of life! 

Here are a few more of our favourite pictures of Napoleon:


Ch.Birchcourt's Prairie Rosebell TP

(Ch.Birchcourt's New Generation TP x Ch.Birchcourt's Sunnyside Up TP)

"Rosie"  January 1991 - October 2006


Rosey was the Queen of the house.  All of the Poodles on these pages are her  descendants. They have all inherited her ability to shred kleenexes from the garbage. Rosey always kept everything in order. She told us when the phone was ringing,  and then would lead us to it, that way we couldn't run and hurt ourselves cause she was in front. We appreciated this so very much!  A couple of her children were also adept at shredding bills, and her grandson Wind thought that leather wallets were tasty (especially if they had crisp bills in them). Rosey's favorite thing in the whole world was to go for a drive (we drove - she looked out the window). If we didn't take her along she would sit in front of the door for hours. The T.P. after her name stands for Top Producer. For a girl this means producing at  
least 3 Champions - Rosey produced 6.




Ch. Birchcourt's Prairie Wildflower

(Ch. Birchcourt's Peter Junior x Ch. Birchcourt's ZaZa Per Se)

"Katarina" April 2000


"Katarina" joined our family as a baby after we begged her breeder, Doris Seelig, to let us
have her. Although she was only shown a few times she did very well. Her
first weekend out she won BOB from the open class and went onto a Group 1st. At her second
show she again won BOB over specials. Next time out she won BOB and a Group 2nd to finish her
Championship. She also won BOV and BOS to BOB at the Poodle Club of Canada National Specialty 2004.

Katarina's favorite activity was agility. Escaping from her leash in order to go run with her friend the
Border Collie was always one of her goals!