Walls of windows - The look I was trying to get would be as many windows as possible... Here are a few examples


Window below is 118" wide. I like how wide each of the panes is

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  • In the dining room - is it possible to do a corner without the wall showing (like below)? I'm guessing not because of door opening to deck?

  • Would this be possible in Playroom? Between playroom and dining room?



  • Next picture is the look I would like. Lead edging around the transoms, then a big pane below (with the blinds just on lower pane). These ones are too small and skinny though. The pictures above were more the size I was thinking. 

  • I also want lead going around the outside (only on transom, not main panes)


Mudroom- window like this, bench underneath. Lead just around outside (like the transoms)

  • I was hopeing for glass french doors going from dining room to deck - but I don't think wall is wide enough? see below


Master bedroom + Girls bedroom

  • Master Bedroom - can we do a window like the one below, take out middle divider so it has big pane in middle and two skinny ones on sides. Transoms with lead on top. It is 118" wide or 10'

  • Girls bedroom on side (left elevation)... same window but 8-9'wide

  • Girls Bedroom on front... Same window. Move closet door closer to wall. 


workshop (dogroom)

  • Put window on corner wall (facing deck)

  • Two windows on other wall - space in middle of 5-6'. 

  • Outside door needs to be moved 4-5' in from wall

  • What wall would plumbing for washer/tub be best on? garage wall or house wall? 

  • Yasmin said their windows were 7' tall, with 1' below and 2' above. I was liking closer to 1 1/2' below.... is there a height above/below you recommend or need for headers?

  • DOn't worry about as many windows opening. Maybe 1 or 2 of the skinny sides per room